Wall tiles in Kannur

Elevate Your Space with Wall Tiles in Kannur: Enhance Your Décor

Technically, wall tiles have a rating of 0 on the PEI scale. It is better to call these wall-only tiles as they cannot be used on floors as they cannot withstand heavy loads. However, they are super common for kitchen splashbacks and shower walls, and the wall-only tiles are small and made of ceramic – the classic wall tiles you may have in mind. If you look at one of our Alberts Racing Green you will see a light ceramic base and a thin layer of deep green glaze applied on top of the tiles in the picture above. Many other wall-only tiles have a similar brick shape, which is perfectly in line with the current trend of modern subway tiles. Holding elections; They are relatively easy to install, with a wiping dodge. That’s important – after all, you don’t want to waste time wiping grease or oil from your shiny new splashback!

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