Chief among these are shower type, style, and design. And then there are the smaller, yet just as significant factors, like door type, shower head type, and adding in any extra features that interest you to help create the ultimate showering experience.

Manual Mixer Shower

A manual mixer shower is the traditional type of shower valve. It’s still seen in the majority of home bathrooms today. It mixes hot and cold water together each time you shower. Move the valve controls to decide upon a specific temperature each time you shower.

Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Those with small children should consider a thermostatic shower. This is a surefire way to maintain the perfect water temperature during the entire duration of your shower. A thermostatic valve controls the temperature of the water for each shower. Simply set it to your preferred temperature, and each shower will have a constant temperature. This is also easier on your shower pump.

Electric Shower

Unlike thermostatic and manual mixers, electric showers don’t require a hot water supply. As long as there’s a cold water supply, you’re good to go. Electric showers contain a built-in heating unit to heat cold water.

Shower Shape and Style

After getting past the most technical aspect of shower type, it’s time to look at shower style. Now we’re getting into the fun parts. The shower style is the most important design decision to be made. It relates to the basic shape and layout of your finished bathroom shower. You can also choose between having a framed shower or a frameless shower!