Shower Enclosure

The shower enclosure is a device that makes it possible to alter the function of a bathtub to allow the option of enjoying a tub bath or taking a shower. Shower Enclosures can be created using relatively simple materials or be designed to require installation and sealing sections that completely box in the bathing area. Here are some examples of different designs for a shower enclosure. One of the first types of shower enclosure created in decades past involved little more than some hardware, a little plumbing and the use of a shower curtain. This simple approach was an ideal way to add versatility to an old-fashioned clawfoot tub. By using piping and plumbing fixtures to run a riser pipe upward from the existing faucets and top the pipe with a showerhead, it was possible to make it possible to continue enjoying a tub bath when desired, but also enjoy a shower from time to time. Shower Enclosure has become an integral part of the Modern Bathroom. Besides serving the functional purpose of separating wet & dry areas it gives elegance and style to the Bathroom. It takes the aesthetic of the bathroom to the next level. Shower Enclosure makes the bathroom dry, hygienic and safe. Restricting the water inside the wet room only, shower enclosures keep the entire bathroom dry, thus making it bacteria-free and hygienic. Shower Enclosures reduce the chances of slippery danger making a bathroom safe. Space has become the most precious commodity in cities today and a shower enclosure helps save space. Modern Bathroom has 3 specific areas: Basin Area, Water closet area and Shower Area.