kitchen wall tile in Kannur

Elevate Your Kitchen with Stylish Kitchen Wall Tile in Kannur: Transform Your Cooking Space

Subtle pattern

White kitchen wall tiles are a fail-safe option but there is no need to go for a bland and basic look. Add subtle intermittent texture to add definition and interest. This contemporary chevron pattern creates the illusion of a wider space too.

Earthy squares

Bring the dated square kitchen tile back into fashion with a colour and finish upgrade. This glossy green splashback looks organic and lush tiled up against an exposed brick wall, black worktops and charcoal painted cabinets combo.

Pretty pennies

The adorably named ‘penny tiles’ are timeless and eye-catching, so make a great longterm choice for the kitchen. The tiny circles look crisp and clean up close but merge into an interesting textured feature wall when viewed from further away. Depending on what finish you choose, they can brighten your worktop space, bring an industrial feel or add a pop of statement colour.

Sparkling new effects

Iridescent highlights set in amongst aqua tiles create shots of prism-effect thanks to this innovative holographic surface finish. Each piece features different gradients that create a variation of milky, pastel tones which alter in appearance based on the changing light and viewpoint. Offset and framed with black grouting, this tiling is bold and cutting edge.

Statement splashback

Brighten up a small dark kitchen with an uplifting tiled splashback that is full of colour and pattern. It’s the perfect spot to showcase an artful statement to uplift your kitchen scheme. Choose a colourway that will pick out the tones of your kitchen cabinets to marry the look together.

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