Center Set

A center set faucets is one of the more common types of bathroom faucets available in-home and hardware stores. This features a small faucet body that offers either one or two handles or knobs to control water pressure and temperature. Usually, with a shorter spout, this is an incredible option if you live in New York City and truly have no space to spare.

Single Handle

A single-handle faucet is exactly what its name suggests. It is a faucet that uses just one handle to control temperature and water pressure simultaneously. The handle will be positioned to the right, left, or directly above the spout itself. This can come with a much smaller mounting space as it doesn’t require too much drilling to secure. It can fit in a spot that is about two or three inches wide. This is the easiest type of faucet to install yourself!

Spread Fit

A spread fit faucets uses three separate pieces that stick out from the surface of your sink, similar to the center set faucet but with more liberal spacing. Look at how relaxed those knobs are. They aren’t cramped, and they are ready to deliver whatever temperature of water you could possibly desire.


The bridge faucet is very self-explanatory, (they just make it so easy for us don’t they) with its impeccably sleek bridge-like design. These will often be found in professional sinks and cleanliness is a priority. The temperature is controlled by two separate knobs, and this style of faucet will often come equipped with a pull-away spray faucet.


Designed with floating sinks in mind, the wall-mounted sink is well suited for more modern style bathroom settings. Make sure to take some measurements, as it would be embarrassing to have a faucet that doesn’t reach the edge of your sink (I’ve seen this before, it was non-sensical).  Having a faucets attached to the wall makes for an opportunity to switch up sink basins with ease.